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Chinese Couple Take Their Son To Court To Force Him To Get A Job

chiko Chinese Couple Take Their Son To Court To Force Him To Get A  Job

A Chinese couple have gone to extreme lengths in a bid to force their adult son to get a job – they have taken him to court.

Xu Qing, 29, has refused to work ever since leaving university, claiming that employment is too boring.

He has now moved his girlfriend into the home he shares with his parents and demanded he be fed and waited on hand and foot. (pic – the case being heard in court last week)
Initially his mother Xu Hsing cooked and cleaned after her only child at their home in the Chinese capital Beijing.

His father Ku arranged for him to have a job at a friend’s company – but Qing quit after just three months saying it was too dull.
He now spends his day sleeping and surfing the internet but managed to meet a girl online, who is also jobless.

After just one month of dating, she has now moved in with the family to the despair of Qing’s parents.

They laid down an ultimatum, saying he would have to get a job or move out.

But he refused and they said they had no choice other than to take him to court.

They did and were successful after the court ruled that although Qing was their son, at the age of 29 they no longer had an obligation to support him and that as it was their house they could also him to move out.

For 60 days there was stalemate as Qing and his girlfriend refused to budge.

The couple were forced to go back to court and are now applying for an eviction notice to have bailiffs remove their son and his girlfriend from their property.

The case is regarded as a symptom of China’s obsession with single children caused by the one child policy.

It is said the controversial government diktat has created a generation of so-called little princes who can do no wrong in their parents’ eyes and have never had to work or fend for themselves



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