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Church Refused To Bury Man After Discovering He Was G.ay

The pastor said it would be “blasphemous” for the funeral of the deceased to be held at the church…

past NL Church Refused To Bury Man After Discovering He Was G.ayA church canceled the funeral of a man hours before he was to be buried after finding out he was g*y.

The deceased Julion Evans, had died from Amylodiosis, a disease which attacks the body organs.

His partner and legally married husband, Kendall Capers and family had planned to bury him at the New Hope Missionary Baptist Church but hours before the ceremony, the church members read Evans‘ obituary and saw Capers described as the “surviving husband.”

According to Daily News, They phoned the family to say the funeral could not continue, telling Evans mother, Julie Atwood it would be “blasphemous” for her son’s funeral to be held at the church.

He said she was told the news as she stood at her son’s casket.

Atwood told newsmen  it was “devastating.”

Church pastor TW Jenkins told KSDK, ” I try not to condemn anyone’s lifestyle, but at the same time I am a man of God and have to stand upon my principles.”

The service eventually went ahead at the funeral home.




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