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WHO ARE YOU? Are you lost? Do you have an indentity?

So many people are lost. When I mean lost, I don’t mean
physically lost, but spiritually lost. Ones identity sometimes,
do not only determine where your faith and future holds ,
but it proves that we are truely somebody, and that you
belong to somewhere out there in the world. Continue reading

make a difference

Let the higher you, lift the lower you, and what I mean by
that is that you can uplift your weaknessess with your
strengths. Do not fall when you think you are falling, but
rather jump up, beat your chest, and say “I am strong, I
will not fall, I will stand because I have chosen to make
things right and to make a difference in my life.”
Tips: *Encourage yourself
*Develop a good social lifestyle.
*Meet productive people. People who are ready to be
there for you, when you need them the most.
*Show love to people even when you think they don’t
deserve it, or deserve to be part of your life, but make sure
it comes from your heart, and leave the problems behind.
If they don’t want you, leave them, but love them.(love
your neighbor as you love yourself, thus says the bible)
Surely, when you do this, you will make a difference in
your life. Oneday, you will understand this.

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