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WHO ARE YOU? Are you lost? Do you have an indentity?

So many people are lost. When I mean lost, I don’t mean
physically lost, but spiritually lost. Ones identity sometimes,
do not only determine where your faith and future holds ,
but it proves that we are truely somebody, and that you
belong to somewhere out there in the world. We are not
born a free humanbeing. The fact is, when you do not have
an identity of yourself or whether you do not belong to one
doesn’t make you a nobody. But however, I don’t believe
that one can have no identity because Jesus Christ Himself
has an identity, Jesus has got God His creator, Joseph His
father, and Mary Mandalene His mother, and so therefore
must everyone of His creation have. To point this out, your
family is your identity. Your family is who you are, and
your family has become part of what you are right now
and what you are going to become in the future. A family
is love. Even our fore-fathers, great-grandparents all have
their own identity passing, spreading, and growing from
their generations to generations. God has bestowed on you
a beautiful family. In this world, nobody is alone, including
the innocent children in the orphanages/beggers on the
street all have a family somewhere, a true identity of
themselves. Being spiritually lost doesn’t mean you being
kidnapped, or missing your way to somewhere, but you are
spiritually lost, when you say “I am alone in this world, i
have no father, no mother, no relatives, no friends, and I
have no identity of myself.” You are blind from the truth
and from knowing the fact that God has given Himself to
you to be your Father when you have lost your family.
Your identity in Christ really matters the most, and being
part of God’s creation doesn’t make you an orphan/nobody
anymore, but rather His own child. God is always there for
His beloved children, there is no bias in His love. His love
is equal to everyone. Also, being physically lost is when
you know you have an identity and you belong to
somewhere, but as a result of one problem or the other
you deny your true identity and you refuse accepting your
family. I have come to realise one of the most insightful
things in life that no matter the heights of the problems
you encounter with your family, still at the end of the day
you come to embrace the fact that the love of a family
matters. It is the best juice you can ever taste. The bond
holding a family together is the blood that flows in the
center of your heart, and that is the reason why losing just
one family member you feel the worst pain ever, why?
because their is a powerful special bond that circulates. So
my dear ones, just so you know how to value your trueself
and true identity. Cherish it, treasure it and love it for
your identity in Christ and your identity in family makes
you “WHO YOU ARE.” Thus, it never too late to rediscover
your true-self and true identity if you have not. If you have
your identity hold onto it forever, and if yours is lost, go
look for it, it is easy just take one step at a time.


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