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Shocking! Rat Bites 75-year-old Woman 50 Times Leading to Her Death (Photo)

A woman has lost her life after she was severely bitten 50 times by a rat while living in a council home.


“A deadly rat sent a woman living in a council-run care home to her early grave after biting the pensioner  50 times on her face, chest and hands. She was left bed-ridden and died due to the injuries, it was claimed yesterday. Pamela Hudson, 75, was left covered in blood – but her family have been unable to find out whether the incident had anything to do with her death.

Her daughter, Jan Derry, said: ‘Her left elbow was ripped open by the rat’s teeth, and there were dozens of teeth marks along her arm.
‘She had bites all over both her hands, a couple on her chest and even on her nose. The majority were on her arms. You could see all the bites and bruising where she had been gnawed.’
Mrs Derry told The Sun: ‘We think the rat was trapped in her bed with her, and this is why it bit her so severely.’
The authorities have yet to apologise to them and an inquiry into Mrs Hudson’s injuries was inconclusive. Mrs Hudson was allegedly bitten at Glen Lodge in Heworth, York, on June 19. She was treated in hospital and transferred to St Catherine’s Nursing Home in the village of Shipton-by-Beningbrough, but died three months later. Mrs Derry, 48, and her sister Sallie Wilkinson say they will never know if the bites contributed to her death as there appear to be no plans for an inquest.
Her son-in-law, Jim Derry, said: ‘She was bitten in the left arm more than 50 times. The arm was riddled with bites. There were marks all up the arm. When the carers went in there was blood everywhere. The sheets were heavily bloodstained.’
A council inquiry could not determine what sort of rodent had bitten Mrs Hudson, but her daughters believe it was a rat. Mrs Derry, from York, said: ‘They are not admitting responsibility. They are not saying how it got in. They are shirking any responsibility. Since my mum died, they’ve got pest control at Glen Lodge. If you’re living in sheltered accommodation and you’re bed-ridden, you need to be looked after. It shouldn’t have happened, but it did. We just want people to be aware that things like this can happen.’
Mrs Derry said her family were still coming to terms with what had happened to her mother as they blamed the council for their mother’s death.”


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