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What is Lady Gaga wearing bikonu? (photo)

What is Lady Gaga wearing bikonu?

Lady Gaga has worn many crazy nonsense but this has got to take the cake! Wow!

Maheeda Raunchy Photos

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Naija Man Turns Woman, Ms Sahhara, Shares Lingerie Photos

Ms Sahhara

Every time I see Ms Sahhara, funny thoughts get into my head. Anyway, it’s his/her life. Lol! More photos… Continue reading

Students On FG Scholarship Now Begging For Food In Russia

Students On FG Scholarship

Students On FG Scholarship

The several greedy politicians who are in positions of authority in Abuja are really killing this country. Failure by the Federal Government to pay allowances of 322 Nigerian students on scholarship in Russia forces them into begging and illegal jobs, Punch’s Temitayo Famutimi reports. Continue reading

PHOTOS: Baddest Boy Leaked Unclad Photos Of His Young Africa Girlfriend

Boy Leaked Unclad Photos Of His Young Africa Girlfriend

Boy Leaked Unclad Photos Of His Young Africa Girlfriend

Really ,is official now,many girl of this generation has lost it in the name of love ……see unimaginable phot0s this little girl allow her boyfriend to take ….is as if she was modelling for him…..SEE PHOT0S BEL0W…. Continue reading

Betrayed Girl Post Fully Indecent Photos Of Her Boyfriend & Her BestFriend Cheating On Her Online [PHOTOS]

thumbnail (3) - Copy

Girl finds indecent photos of her best friend & her boyfriend on her boyfriend’s phone who is used to locking his phone  but unfortunately forgot to do so this time this and out of anger, leaked the photo online. Continue reading

Meet Ghana’s Most Expensive Prostitute…..You Won’t Believe How Much She Charges For A Night!


She’s known as Mercedes,sources say her famous clients include Ghana Artistes and she is currently charging between $900 and $1,200.

Do you think she worth the price?  Well see her pics below;

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Must Ladies Send Their Na*ked Pictures to Guys To Prove Their Love? [SEE PHOTOS]

The recent occurrences last week baffles me seeing the leaked n*de picture of our ladies floating around the social medial, some times I’m compelled to think those ladies are the brain behind the shit, maybe hunting for popularity or any other personal agenda.

N*ked Pictures
First, it was the picture of one so-called popular business woman who allegedly sent her private photo to boyfriend who later leaked it. Could it mean that it is increasingly becoming difficult for successful women to get real men to settle down with and as such some of them are romancing young boys shameless and taking the acts to the extreme. This lady got so madly in love with her small-boy lover that she started sending her n*de photos to him. Continue reading

Male and Female Police Officers Caught Having Se*x On Duty [18+ Only]

According to Reports;
Two South African cops were busted, while literally busting a nut.
The two were supposed to have been guarding a suspect that they had transported to a hospital for a check up, but opted to check each other out instead.

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A Big Kenyan Girl N@ked Ph0tos Exp0sed Online By Her Boyfriend–SEE SHOCKING PH0T0S18+

This is so shocking as a Kenyan Big Girl, whose N@ked Photos was Exposed Online By Her Boyfriend because she stole his money. She was so surprise when she found her nak$de picx online—- For crying out loud when will ladies stop allowing guys snap them when they are n’ked?. SEE SHOCKING PH0T0S BELOW  Continue reading

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